Executive Assistant

Full-Time New York

The lead of an experiential team at a creative agency in New York is seeking an EA.  She's an incredible woman and I can't recommend this job enough! 

If you love nightlife, seek a fast-paced environment with passionate people, have a thick skin and obsess (in a good way!) over the details, this job is for you. 

Experiential Producer

Full-Time New York

A creative agency in New York is looking for some kickass event producers. If you've worked on festivals, conferences, multi-city activations or sporting events, please send examples! 

Digital Organizer

Full-Time San Francisco

Want to organize a tidal wave of civic engagement? Flex your muscles & increase voter turnout? This might be a cool way to do that

"The Digital Organizer will be a key member of the Politics Team at Brigade, helping drive national, state, and local campaigns and deepening Brigade's presence among progressive voters, activists, policymakers, and the media. You will work closely and collaboratively with our National Politics Director to support efforts to meet our company goals of driving user growth, retention, and impact. As our lead digital organizer, you will be responsible for making sure the Brigade community continues to grow and thrive by building and maintaining relationships with Brigade leaders and helping them more deeply engage their communities both on and offline through campaigns."

Creativity & Tech

Press Opportunity

A friend of mine is working on a documentary for a BIG DEAL outlet that focuses on the intersection of creativity and technology, as well as the positive/negative effects one may have on the other.

If you have any examples or recommendations of projects / organizations / companies that should be featured, let me know!

Experience Leader


Be an experience leader for a digital nomad community and travel around the world building dope experiences: https://beunsettled.co/be-a-leader

Buncha Jobs

San Francisco

This kickass Dave Eggers-backed literacy org is hiring for a bunch of operations / program / communications / partnership positions. Don't have a direct contact there, but just wanted to signal boost: http://826valencia.org/job-opportunities/

"A Dream Director is a transformational leader who is assigned to one high school – and committed to unleashing the passion and purpose, curiosity and imagination, courage and grit of everyone in it. Dream Directors are entrepreneurs, coaches, organizers and educators." Looks like applications for this year have closed, but sign up if you are interested in future hiring rounds! http://www.thefutureproject.org/dreamdirectors/

Dream Director

various locations

Program Director

Full-Time New York

Generation Citizen partners with schools to implement an action civics program that teaches students how to address community issues by taking political action. This job looks so fucking cool: http://generationcitizen.org/were-hiring-a-new-york-city-program-director/